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New (2015) : I wrote during the last years a publication of over 400 pages giving much more details with respect to the contents of this website. The title of the publication is "A shattered Equivalence Principle in Physics and a future History of multiple Paradigm Big Bangs in “exact” Science ?". You can read about the contents of the publication on page 2 of the request form (see further). I am making my publication available as a PDF file at no cost. You can send me a request for an individual copy. Click Request Form to download the request form in pdf format. Follow the instructions on page 1 and send me the filled and signed request form (only page 3) by classic mail. I will then produce a PDF copy of my publication which will be unique to your name and send it to you through the internet. As a researcher in multiple domains I wrote multiple publications and if you would be interested in a reference/example in that respect you can eventually download my publication "Finite elements-based 2D theoretical analysis of the effect of IEX membrane thickness and salt solution residence time on the ion transport within a salinity gradient power reverse electrodialysis half cell pair" at http://www.reapower.eu/publications.html regarding my specific research in salinity gradient power by reverse electrodialysis.

Some keywords regarding this website :  Newton / Newton's absolute space / real space / absolute time / real (absolute) velocity / absolute rest / absolute velocity measuring device /  Michelson and Morley exp / Michelson Morley exp / Michelson-Morley exp /  Lorentz contraction / laser experiment / anomaly / light / photon / quanta / relativity of  simultaneity / Einstein / thought experiment / thinking out of the box / absolute-relativity

This website introduces an alternative laser experiment which revealed an anomaly with respect to the existing paradigms on light phenomena.  The format of a "publication" is somewhat implemented  in the build of this website, by using Menu Tabs showing the titles of the sections (such as Introduction or Experimental) in a typical "publication". Those sections are briefly introduced now. You can decide to skip some sections such as e.g. the Introduction or Application sections when preferring to read other sections first.

The views as presented on this website are supported by Etienne Brauns, Luc Martens and Mon Gysen ; these views were also deposited officialy in front of a notary (in 2006) and were the subject of a patent text.

As a starter on "paradigms" : is the equation, here below, imagination or reality ? It is up to you to reflect upon. You can also download a document for support during that reflection ; click here : Euler and e


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.  Arthur Schopenhauer

Time and again the passion for understanding has led to the illusion that man is able to comprehend the objective world rationally by pure thought without any empirical foundations, in short - by metaphysicsAlbert Einstein

Truth is what stands the test of experience.  Albert Einstein

1. Introduction
In this section you can read in brief about the existence of "paradigms" in science and the defense of those "indisputable" paradigms by those scientists who think exclusively from "within their box". Those paradigm believers thus will defend by circle referencing their paradigms from their "in the box" knowledge. As a result, they simply discard other views immediately from a closed-state-of-mind, as was experienced during multiple attempts to first publish the contents of this website in typical scientific journals. Since all these attempts seemed to be in vain, it was decided to bring the information through the Internet to those scientists who have at least an open mind and are willing to have a detailed look at the contents of this website and to then decide on the relevance of the views as presented.

2. Experimental
An alternative experiment using a laser was performed and an important anomaly with respect to the existing paradigms could effectively be demonstrated, in a reproducible way. The straightforward laser experiment is directly discussed in "2. Experimental" as to fix your attention immediately on the anomaly (have therefore certainly a look at Figure 2) which questions multiple contemporary paradigms and thus also the null result of the Michelson and Morley experiment. This should definitely stirr your interest with respect to further reading and eventually performing the revealing laser experiment yourself or in cooperation with your colleagues. Please also read my extensive publication (of over 400 pages).

3. Theory
In this section some further specific views are presented related to the actual paradigms. With respect to the concept of Cartesian based reference frames, as used in a classic way in physics, an important fact is that  an observer on earth in reality also travels at the orbit velocity of our planet through space. The earth's orbit velocity  is indeed estimated in the literature to be an astounding 30000 meter per second. It is then shown that the Lorentz contraction is a mathematical construction within a virtual mathematical space in a human's mind which does not save the phenomena of photons in the real space outside that human's mind. A key issue is the conclusion that the Cartesian based mathematical reference frame, which is used by an observer who moves in real space, is fully unable to graphically represent correctly the position of a photon's past position in real space. This requires from a reader a profound Gestalt Switch during the reading of that section in order to be able to abandon her/his "in the box reasoning" resulting from the existing paradigms that (s)he was trained in.

4. Applications
Here, the principle of a real (absolute) velocity measuring device is discussed.

5. Consequences
In this section, the relativity of Simultaneity as discussed by Einstein in his thought experiment is analyzed in more detail. It is shown that the observer in the train compartment indeed is able to decide on the simultaneity when using the absolute velocity measuring device as described in this website and a light clock. Additionaly, the Michelson and Morley experiment is also discussed and an important effect which was not considered in that experiment is pointed to. That effect should definitely be looked into to verify if the "null result" of the Michelson and Morley experiment can be explained from that point of view. The alternative laser experiment as presented in the section "Experimental" in fact also questions that "null result"