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This website was started on July 16, 2010

Dear visitor,

my scientific findings in 2006, discussed on this website since 2010, were finally published in 2021 in my series of three interlinked Elsevier publications: two publications [Optik_1, Optik_2] in the Elsevier Scientific Journal Optik and one publication [RIO_1] in the Elsevier Scientific Journal “Results in Optics”.

My two publications, in my series of three Elsevier publications, in the Elsevier Scientific Journal Optik:

[Optik_1]   Etienne Brauns, On two thought experiments revealing two massive theoretical anomalies, proving both the contemporary “ray of light” paradigm to be flawed and the impossibility of a photon to inherit any velocity vector component from its source, Optik 230 (2021) 165858,

[Optik_2]   Etienne Brauns, On a straightforward laser experiment, confirming the previously published irrevocable falsification of the Equivalence Principle paradigm for photon phenomena, Optik 242 (2021) 167178,

My conference presentation, regarding the contents of [Optik_1] and [Optik_2], can also be downloaded and viewed as a mp4 video presentation:

Etienne Brauns, “On the falsification of the Equivalence Principle for photons, through two massive theoretical anomalies, while being confirmed by a straightforward laser experiment”, Keynote Presentation Physics Forum 2021, Frankfurt,  (scroll down at that ResearchGate website page and press “Download” there) or at:

My third publication, in my series of three Elsevier publications, in the Elsevier Scientific Journal “Results in Optics” (my third publication was announced in Optik_2 as a follow-up publication of Optik_1 and Optik_2  and was published in January 2023 by the Elsevier Scientific Journal “Results in Optics” (RIO)).

[RIO_1] Etienne Brauns, “On the concept and potential applications of a photons based device, measuring the velocity vector of an object, moving at high speed in space“, Results in Optics, 10 (2023) 100349,

My conference presentation, regarding the contents of [RIO_1] can also be downloaded and viewed as a mp4 video presentation:

Etienne Brauns, On Popper’s falsifiability of Galileo’s relativity paradigm through a, photons based, Real Velocity Measuring Device, Conference OPAL 2023, May 17-19, 2023, Funchal, (scroll down at that ResearchGate website page and press “Download” there) or at

Further follow-up scientific journal publications are in progress and/or planned.

You can also view a series of two much earlier videos (Part 1 and Part 2, see the links below), discussing the anomalies, as reported at this website, in my book of about 450 pages (see D1 below), in my private publications (see D2-D11 below) and at Research Gate. The two videos are audio-visual presentations, in a spoken format while using visuals, such as slides and animated images, as to enhance significantly the information transfer. They explain the theoretical and experimental anomalies and the resulting  flawed contemporary paradigms, based on light. An introduction to the video presentation is given in the publication “On the simplistic and flawed ray-of-light fundamental modelling approach, as a massive scientific error in the history of science and on the resulting multiple and erroneous paradigms in physics.” which is downloadable as:

or as:

The Part 1 video demonstrates and discusses the massive theoretical anomalies and inconsistencies in the contemporary paradigms, on light. You can click the following link to view the Part 1 video:

– or the alternative Google Drive link for the Part 1 video:

The Part 2 video demonstrates and discusses the massive experimental anomaly, as proven through a straightforward laser experiment. You can click the following link to view the Part 2 video:

– or the alternative Google Drive link for the Part 2 video:

As a reference, you can also read at ResearchGate about my other former research work as a scientific researcher (MSc) during my career by clicking this link:

The publications are referenced as D# (# = 1,2,3, …) (D was intended as “Downloadable”).

D1 : I use the short notation D1 to indicate my book, that I started to write from 2006 on. The title of my book is “A shattered Equivalence Principle in Physics and a future History of multiple Paradigm Big Bangs in “exact” Science.“. At the moment, my book is over 450 pages and is expanded regularly wit new scientific items, linked to my findings and my corresponding additional publications (Journals, Conferences). The core of my book was/is protected through an official deposition in front of a notary. The archive website pages under the menu “Website 2006-2023” contain the layout of the website under the Drupal platform until December 2023 and had in the past a download facility for my book, however under specific conditions. Only if one agreed with my author copyright protection conditions/terms as described in a specific downloadable pdf document (Download Link Request Procedure and “Download Conditions” one needed to agree with) one was able to download my book. I decided however at the end of 2023 to start to look for an appropriate scientific publisher to publish my book.

However it was/is possible to download and read my publications D2, D3,… D10 which were extracted from parts of my book and which thus contain the core information of my findings.

D2 : “On multiple anomalies and inconsistencies regarding the description of light phenomena in contemporary science.   or

D3 : “On a massive anomaly through a straightforward laser experiment falsifying the equivalence principle for light.”   or

D4 : “On the flawed Michelson and Morley experiment null-result paradigm  or

D5 : “On a flawed Lorentz contraction paradigm caused by an erroneous Michelson-Morley model and null-result.”   or

D6 : “On the inconclusiveness of the results from the Eddington 1919 solar eclipse mission to measure the bending of light.   or

D7 : “On The Mercury perihelion precession: a critique on the anomaly and a plausible additional effect of the sun.   or

D8 : “On the totally flawed contemporary light clock paradigm and on Paul Langevin’s twin paradox being to the point.   or

D9 : “On a device, measuring in real space the real velocity of an object and on Mach’s flawed relativity thought experiment.   or

D10 : “On Einstein’s relativity of simultaneity thought experiment as a flawed paradigm.  or

As a researcher in multiple domains I wrote multiple publications (partly listed at ResearchGate As a reference/example in that respect you can eventually download my publication “Finite elements-based 2D theoretical analysis of the effect of IEX membrane thickness and salt solution residence time on the ion transport within a salinity gradient power reverse electrodialysis half cell pair” through

My findings were supported from 2006 on by ir. Luc Martens, ir. Mon Gysen and many other friends/colleagues. My findings were also deposited officially in front of a notary (in 2006) and were also the subject of an USPTO patent text (2006).

The layout format as a “publication” was implemented in the original Drupal build of my website, by using Menu Tabs showing the titles of the “publication” sections (such as Introduction or Experimental in a typical “publication”). I retained that structure of the original Drupal build of my website under the new menu “Website 2006-2023” in the new WordPress layout of my website. Those sections are briefly introduced here:

1. Introduction
In this section you can read in brief about the existence of “paradigms” in science and the defense of those so-called “irrefutable” paradigms by those scientists who, as I experienced myself over and over in countless communications over the period 2006-2023, seem to be only able to think exclusively and rigidly from “within their paradigm boxes”. I call those scientists CPBDs (Contemporary Paradigm Believers and Defenders). Those CPBDs simply are restricted to circle referencing the paradigms that they are trained in (rather conditioned in). As a result, CPBDs simply discard other views immediately from their closed-state-of-mind, as I experienced during numerous attempts to first publish the contents of this website in typical scientific journals. Since my attempts seemed to be in vain, I decided to try to disseminate my information through the Internet to those scientists who at least have an open mind and are willing to have a detailed look at the contents of this website. They could then decide about the importance of my views as, since my findings reveal massive flaws in contemporary paradigms, being based on photon (light) phenomena and thus reveal the urgent need for profound paradigm shifts in CS (Contemporary Science).

2. Experimental
I designed and performed (2006) a straightforward laser experiment of which I predicted  the experimental result on the basis of my theoretical findings (2005-2006) (see section “3. Theory”). I obtained indeed the experimental result that I predicted, over and over in a reproducible way. The experimental result proves the existence of a massive experimental anomaly with respect to multiple existing CS paradigms based on photon phenomena. My straightforward laser experiment is discussed in this section and focusses on that massive experimental anomaly (Figure 2 in 2.1). That anomaly definitely falsifies multiple contemporary paradigms based on photon phenomena, including the null result paradigm resulting from the (thus flawed) Michelson and Morley experiment. This should definitely (have) stimulate(d) scientific researchers to re-perform my straightforward laser experiment but the CPBDs seem to still prefer to stick to their extremely conservative CS paradigm way of thinking. The CPBDs thereby keep blocking from that incomprehensible and their irrational state of closed-mindedness further progress in science.

3. Theory
In this section my further specific theoretical views are presented related to the actual CS paradigms. Next to the irrevocable Figure 2 in section “Experimental” the Figures 24 in 3.1 and Figures 9,10 in 3.2.1 reveal the existence of an existing massive theoretical anomaly within CS (certainly with respect to the CS’s totally flawed “ray of light” paradigm based modelling of light phenomena!). The (within fundamental research) extremely simplistic and primitive CS ray-of-light paradigm (“mathematical model”) does not save at all the real photon phenomena, occurring in real space. With respect to the use of Figures 9,10 in 3.2.1 in an experimental design, it is clearly an important fact that an observer on earth in reality is not “at rest in real space” but at least travels at the orbit velocity of our planet in real space. Michelson and Morley also used that approach of implementing the earth’s orbit velocity of about (an astounding) 30000 meters per second in their experimental analysis and set-up (still without any negative comment from CS up to this very moment since 1887). Therefore the use of the earth’s orbit velocity was also implemented in my design and analysis of my straightforward laser experiment. It can then also be proven that the CS Lorentz contraction equation paradigm is merely about an artificial mathematical construction within a virtual mathematical space in a human’s mind which does not save at all the phenomena of photons in the real space outside that human’s mind. A key conclusion from all these findings is even that any type of existing contemporary mathematical reference frame, which would be used by an observer who moves in real space, is actually fully unable to graphically represent correctly the position of a photon’s past position in real space. Such is clearly expressed in Figure 11 in 3.2.2. This requires a profound Gestalt Switch from a website visitor during the reading of those sections and the analysis of those Figures in order to be able to abandon a rigid CPBD type of “restricted reasoning from within the contemporary paradigms boxes” The latter resulting from being trained/conditioned in the existing CS paradigms.

4. Applications
Here, my principle of a RVMD (Real Velocity Measuring Device) is discussed. Next to the very high theoretical importance in science the RVMD concept will allow for multiple real world applications in different practical domains (on Earth and in real space).

5. Consequences
In this section, the “Relativity of Simultaneity” as discussed by Einstein in his train carriage thought experiment is analyzed in more detail in section 5.1 on the basis of photons. Einstein simply overlooked the fact that the light signal (photon) coming from the location B, positioned to the right of location M (M is in the middle between location A and B) needs as specific time to travel in the direction of location M. Therefore the light signal coming from B will not meet the observer Obs2 in the train compartment in location M but in a location C to the right of location M (as a result of the obvious fact that the train compartment also has moved to the right during the time interval needed for the light signal (photon) coming from location B to meet Obs2 in the train compartment). So Obs2 does not meet that signal from B in M but in location C and moreover at a specific time instant. In the same way the light signal coming from location A will only catch up with Obs2 in a location D to the right of C and moreover at another different time instant (my early 2010 (no audio) and 2015 (with audio) YouTube videos or (or 

Einstein thus seemingly missed the straightforward “meeting problem” analysis of his thought experiment and never presented such an analysis with respect to meeting locations, meeting time instants and velocity. I have therefore proven through such an analysis that the observer Obs2 in the train compartment indeed is able to decide on the simultaneity when taking into account those meeting locations C and D and the meeting time instants (by also using the RVMD as described in this website and a light clock, also based on the real photon phenomena that I claim). So my analysis fully falsifies Einstein’s “Relativity of Simultaneity” thought experiment paradigm. The Michelson and Morley experiment is also discussed (see section 5.2) and the important hidden theoretical and hidden experimental disruptive parameters, which were never considered in that experiment by Michelson and Morley, nor by CS, are explained by me. Those theoretical and experimental flaws in the world famous Michelson and Morley fundamental experiment should definitely be looked into by CS since, moreover, the result of my straightforward laser experiment simply falsifies experimentally the Michelson and Morley “null result” paradigm in an irrefutable way.

Important quotes in this respect

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

Time and again the passion for understanding has led to the illusion that man is able to comprehend the objective world rationally by pure thought without any empirical foundations, in short – by metaphysics. Albert Einstein

Truth is what stands the test of experience. Albert Einstein

One experiment can prove me wrong. Albert Einstein