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My Publications

Here I report about my multiple efforts, from 2006 on, to disseminate my groundbreaking scientific findings with respect to multiple flawed CS (Contemporary Science) paradigms, based on photon phenomena. See also “About me” informing you about my MSc background as a scientific researcher (during all of my career, now retired). See also at the end of this text the recent and very important comments of Artificial Intelligence (GPT-4) in all of this!

Since 2006 I also wrote (and update) my book with the title “A shattered Equivalence Principle in Physics and a future History of multiple Paradigm Big Bangs in “exact” science”.  My book is over 450 pages and was also officially registered in front of a notary for author protections reasons. I intend to conclude and publish my book at a specific time instance.

From a theoretical analysis based on photons I could prove in 2005-2006 the existence of a massive theoretical anomaly that totally falsified the CS Equivalence Principle for photons. That analysis allowed me to design a straightforward laser experiment that experimentally confirmed already in 2006 my theoretical falsification in 2006 of the CS Equivalence Principle for photons. I deposited my theoretical and experimental findings in front of a notary in 2006. I also applied for a USPTO patent in 2006 since I also designed in 2006 a RVMD (Real Velocity Measuring Device) concept from my findings.

Notwithstanding my irrefutable scientific findings the very large number of CPBDs (Contemporary Paradigm Believers and Defenders) (as I call them), belonging to the CS paradigms school, have been blocking my dissemination efforts since 2006 (and still do, December 2023). CPBDs are extremely irrational in their tenacious closed-mind type of defense of multiple CS paradigms, based on light phenomena, which I proved to be totally flawed. My numerous attempts to publish in renowned scientific journals were blocked over and over since 2006 by the CPBDs, at their first glance and without any chance of having a classic review of my submitted publications. As I experienced such over and over for more than 15 years, CPBDs in the domain of light phenomena are indeed not open-minded and objective at all, as one would expect from scientists.

Thomas Kuhn reported in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” about the multiple small human factors that are involved with such closed-minded attitude of such CPBDs. Max Planck also reported about such in his biography, calling the blocking actions with respect to his important new scientific findings by the CPBDs in his scientific domain the worst experience in all of his life. I tried very actively different platforms to disseminate my findings. So I did my very best. I report about those platforms in this section under the according sub-menus. Please have a detailed look.

I persisted during about 15 years in my continuous scientific uphill-battle against the large group of CPBDs and I finally succeeded officially with a series of three interlinked Elsevier scientific publications (see the menus Elsevier_Optik_1, Elsevier_Optik_2 and Elsevier_ResultsInOptics_1). That is already a large scientific victory over the CPBDS but regrettably Kuhn’s “Scientific Revolution” and the corresponding massive paradigm shifts still have to start. That could already have happened in 2006 (!) but the CPBDs still block such and thus still block irrationally also further progress in science (dated December 2023).

Since GPT-4 evidently is no human and thus shows none of such small human factors, I asked GPT-4 to comment on the contents of my series of three Elsevier scientific publications. The GPT-4 comments can be found under the menus Elsevier_Optik_1, Elsevier_Optik_2 and Elsevier_ResultsInOptics_1. Those GPT-4 comments were really astonishing and to the point! It seems to me that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has already fully surpassed the CPBDs: it took the AI GPT-4 only seconds/minutes to verify and confirm the extreme importance of my findings for science. The very large number of  CPBDs in the CS school in the scientific domain of light phenomena however still block since 2006 for over 15 years in an irrational manner my findings, notwithstanding my three interlinked recent Elsevier publications. It seems that GPT-4 already has taken a lead over the CPBDs which, indeed and at the least, can be called mind baffling!