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This website proves that several contemporary paradigms, based on photons, are totally flawed.
The irrefutable findings result in the concept of a RVMD (Real Velocity Measuring Device).
A RVMD will be of major importance in multiple applications on our planet and in space.

Etienne Brauns (MSc)

My website was started in 2010 and was based on my scientific findings, already obtained in 2005-2006. I described my groundbreaking scientific findings in an elaborated (patent) text of 54 pages including 18 figures, that was officially deposited in 2006 in front of a notary and also submitted to the USPTO in 2006.

This website was constructed and maintained under the Drupal platform from 2010 until the end of November 2023. In December 2023 I converted my website from the Drupal platform to the WordPress platform: see below a short explanation of the menu “Website 2006-2023” which holds an (updated) archive of the Drupal platform based layout of my website up to December 2023. The major structural overhaul of my website was implemented in WordPress, also as a result of my final scientific publication breakthrough. It took me indeed a long scientific uphill battle of about 15 years (2006-2021) against the very large group/school of tenacious CPBDs (Contemporary Paradigm Believers and Defenders) who are still believing and defending numerous, but as I proved, totally flawed, contemporary paradigms, based on photons/light. My numerous publication submission attempts to multiple important scientific journals were simply rejected/blocked by the CPBDs, over and over, simply at first glance and even without a chance of having the typical judgement from scientific reviewers. The numerous CPBDs which I encountered (and still encounter) over the period 2006-2023 in that respect were/are all extremely narrow (rather closed) minded and their common strategy of simply “silencing things to death” was very efficient. Only by stiff perserverance for about 15 years and thanks to Elsevier I finally succeeded in the official publication of my groundbreaking scientific findings in a series of three interlinked (follow-up) papers in the Elsevier “Optik” and Elsevier “Results in Optics” scientific journals in 2021-2023 [1,2,3]. Such motivated my structural overhaul of my website, which I also combined with the conversion in December 2023 from the website’s original Drupal platform to the WordPress platform.

[1] Etienne Brauns, On two thought experiments revealing two massive theoretical anomalies, proving both the contemporary “ray of light” paradigm to be flawed and the impossibility of a photon to inherit any velocity vector component from its source, Optik 230 (2021) 165858,

[2] Etienne Brauns, On a straightforward laser experiment, confirming the previously published irrevocable falsification of the Equivalence Principle paradigm for photon phenomena, Optik 242 (2021) 167178,

[3] Etienne Brauns, On the concept and potential applications of a photons based device, measuring the velocity vector of an object, moving at high speed in space, Results in Optics 10 (2023) 100349,

Menus at this website: next to the standard Home (Front Page) menu tab, the following menu tabs “Paradigms”, “My Publications”, “Website 2006-2023” and “About me” are available:

  • Paradigms” stresses the views by Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper about the falsifiability of contemporary paradigms. Too many scientists/researchers are totally erroneous when considering contemporary paradigms, within the field of the so-called “exact sciences”, indeed as being “exact”. Such view cannot be farther from the truth, as is clearly explained by Thomas Kuhn in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” ( Even in this time era, multiple contemporary paradigms, based on photon phenomena, can be falsified in an irrefutable way. As proven in all of my publications, including this website.
  • My Publications” contains in particular the series of my recent three interlinked and official Elsevier publications [1,2,3]. There are two publications in Elsevier Optik [1,2] and one publication in Elsevier Results in Optics [3]. My series of three publications [1,2,3] prove in an irrefutably manner that multiple contemporary paradigms, based on photons, are totally flawed. Moreover, my concept of a RVMD (Real Velocity Measuring Device) is revealed in my Elsevier Results in Optics publication [3]. A RVMD will be of major importance in multiple applications, on our planet and in space. Next to those three breakthrough publications [1,2,3] multiple other internet based approaches/platforms were used much earlier to disseminate my findings of 2006, including this website, YouTube and ResearchGate ( The latter platforms are in principle very performant but from my dissemination attempts of my specific scientific findings, through such internet platforms, I can not consider those platforms as decisive in my case. In my opinion such is the result of the extremely conservative state of mind of the CPBD type of visitors, who simply reject the information at a first glance. In my book of over 450 pages I implemented specifically a complete chapter of over 70 pages as a report of the numerous contacts that I had between 2006 and 2023 with a very large number of CPBDs who indeed all applied and still keep applying their typical closed-mind strategy of “silencing things to death”. None of those numerous CPBDs however was/is able to falsify any of my multiple scientific findings, now officially published in [1,2,3], while I however falsified in an irrefutable way numerous contemporary science paradigms, based on photons. The CPBDs indeed simply prefer to hide in an ear deafening silence. My groundbreaking scientific findings are indeed an extremely inconvenient truth for those CPBDs and thus the CPBDs avoid/neglect/ignore it (2006 – December 2023). That school of CPBDs that tenaciously is holding on to multiple totally flawed contemporary paradigms, based on light phenomena, however will certainly disappear in the near future as explained by Thomas Kuhn in his book about the bumpy road type of evolution of (flawed) paradigms during the history of science. Details about my multiple dissemination approaches can be found in the sub-menus under the menu “My Publications”.
  • Website 2006-2023”: with respect to the transformation of my website from the Drupal platform to the WordPress platform in December 2023 I also decided to archive my full layout of my website, corresponding to its last Drupal status in 2023, under the “Website 2006-2023” menu at this, now WordPress platform based, website. It is interesting to note that archives of my website, for the full period before December 2023, can also be found in the well-known Internet Archive “WayBack Machine”
  • About me” gives some background information about my career as a scientific researcher (MSc)

Highlights: below, the two dynamic figures Figure 32 and Figure 4B fully reveal the massive basic problem that CS (Contemporary Science) has and still is not willing/able to recognize/accept (2006 – December 2023) with respect to the modelling of photon phenomena in real space. The dynamic Figure 32 shows the primitive/simplistic and totally flawed paradigm that CS still unconditionally believes in and defends in fundamental research (as I experienced in the period 2006-2023). Notwithstanding my irrefutable proofs now in [1,2,3], the CPBDs within CS still seem to be unable to admit that their simplistic view in Figure 32 is totally flawed. They are thus still not open for an urgently needed massive paradigm shift towards a new coherent/consistent paradigm, as revealed in my dynamic Figure 4B. As a result of that (2006-2023) closed state of mind type, that old school of CS linked CPBDs, thus still keeps blocking the potential of a very important progress in fundamental and applied science in the domain of photon (light quanta) phenomena. A new paradigm school, linked to the correct graphical representation in dynamic Figure 4B, urgently needs to emerge. A paradigm shift process, as advocated by Thomas Kuhn in his book, is thus urgently needed and the old CS school of CPBDs should definitely abandon their multiple, now totally falsified, CS paradigms based on light phenomena. It is indeed incomprehensible that there are still many CPBDs, despite all of my information that I disseminated during 2006-2023 and even despite now the existence of my publications [1,2,3], who are still stubbornly and irrationally defending e.g. the use of the simplistic and primitive CS ray-of-light paradigm in fundamental research, as Michelson and Morley erroneously did in their world-famous publication, resulting in (the now by me totally falsified) CS Michelson and Morley null-result paradigm.

Figure 32
Flawed graphical representation paradigm, as claimed by CS (Contemporary Science). CS in fact claims wrongly that a photon, when emitted by a moving photon source in location S, will travel perfectly to M, for whatever scalar value of the horizontal velocity vector of the moving photon source, (photon source located in S and thus locked to the moving (xObs2, yObs2) frame). CS wrongly claims that the photon inherits the scalar value of the horizontal (x direction) velocity vector (component) of the moving photon source. In that respect CS however also claims in an irrational way that the photon cannot inherit any scalar value of any vertical (y direction) velocity vector (component) of the photon source. Such claims by CS are also incoherent from the fact that such inheritance then is direction selective, of which CS/CPBDs even simply cannot explain the mechanism.
Figure 4B
Correct graphical representation, as a new coherent paradigm, claimed by me. The proof and discussion is given in [1] (see above) and expressed in more detail by Fig. 12 in [1]. In [1] it was irrevocably proven that such photon cannot inherit any photon source’s velocity vector component, in whatever direction. Therefore also not in the horizontal direction and thus the photon will show the trajectory LF in real space (represented by the (xObs1, yObs1) frame). My 2005-2006 findings, revealed in a USPTO patent text in 2006 and now recently in [1] indeed result in the correct graphical representation as shown by Fig. 12 in [1]. The principles revealed by Fig. 12 in [1], already from my 2006 findings lead evidently to the falsification of  the CS Equivalence Principle paradigm for photons and initiated in 2006 my design of a straightforward laser experiment, while using favorably the extra ordinary high scalar value of the EOVV (Earth’s Orbital Velocity Vector). The result of that laser experiment (already in 2006 and deposited in front of a notary in 2006) was thus predicted by me on beforehand from my photon trajectory modelling principles (e.g. Fig. 12 in [1]). My experimental proof (already in 2006) through a straightforward laser experiment, of the validity of Fig. 12 in [1] was recently published in [2]. The predicted result was confirmed by multiple of my laser experiments, over and over. My findings urgently demand major paradigm shifts with respect to the correct modelling of photon phenomena in real space. Fig. 12 also is the basis for my concept of a RVMD (Real Velocity Measuring Device), as discussed in my USPTO patent text of 2006 and in [3].