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About me

I graduated at the University of Leuven in Belgium ( as a MSc (Master in Science; a 5 years Civil Engineer university degree). After my graduation as a MSc at the university I started a research career. First at the university of Leuven, thereafter at the Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN in Mol, Belgium) ( Since all the non-nuclear research activities at SCK-CEN were transferred from the Belgian National Government to the Flemish Regional Government, as a new Flemish Governmental Research Centre VITO ( in 1991 (, about 30 % of the SCK-CEN research staff and research infrastructure were thus transferred to VITO. At VITO I continued my career as a scientific researcher until my retirement. Part of my research work can be found as publications at ResearchGate ( (you can click there on one of the Research Items and view my corresponding publications (articles, conferences, patents, …)).